In a not-so distant future, a group of scattered souls grapple with their place in the world, and soon discover that their time may be running short...

Content warning: Please note that the following work of fiction contains references to sex and violence.

In a place that much resembled Times Square, though nearly ten times as busy, thousands of heads looked upward at the spectrum of screens lining the buildings overhead. The news reports, advertisements, and televised entertainment all unexpectedly flickered in and out in unison, and were replaced with a countdown clock that began ticking down from 21:00:00.

Somewhere, a middle aged businessman drown his past regrets in whiskey and sweet vermouth.

Somewhere, a girl with big dreams threw a helmet forcefully to the ground of a white, empty space.

Somewhere, an empty programmer hung up the receiver to an old rotary phone.

And somewhere, a strange avatar with a CRT screen face looked over to a woman in a wig, who had the binary numbers 10110 tattooed onto her cheek. She looked back at him and smiled. “Here we go.”